Phone_Cafe_1080x1080.jpgGN ReSound has announced their newest device and they are looking to shake the way the hearing device world approaches hearing aid fitting. Hearing devices generally all have a similar shape, and approach to sound gathering, with some exceptions such as devices that fit in the canal. Most devices that fit behind the ear have a couple, or more, microphones on the device facing behind the ear which gather sounds around the wearer and process that information before amplifying it into the receiver which is fit into the ear canal. Most of the devices process this information to also help determine what direction the sounds are coming from to better orient the wearer.

ReSound has decided to go a new route with their new ReSound ONE by introducing “Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design” (M&RIE). This new speaker wire design places a microphone on the receiver end, the part that fits into the ear canal. This approach is designed to allow a hearing devices wearer to experience sound similarly to how nature intended, a more organic approach, by allowing the pinna, the outer ear, to catch sound waves and direct them to this microphone. The devices will still have the microphones that sit behind the ear, but the one inside the ear will help direct sound to create a more natural feel to what comes out of the receiver.

This is possible because GN has created a new way to manage feedback, the “Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS III). They have combined this with a new chipset for sound processing that GN has deemed their most power yet. In a study done by GN ReSound it was found that 70% of people with a mild to moderately sloping hearing loss preferred the sound of the M&RIE setup as compared to the traditional omnidirectional settings when using the Resound ONE. 57% preferred the M&RIE when compared to Resounds Spatial Sense. The study also found that those using the M&RIE had less error when tested for localization than those fit in a traditional behind the ear methods.

The sources will be listed below; I strongly recommend looking into the ReSound ONE. We are excited to see how the new system performs and to see how well the M&RIE works in our office. The ReSound ONE releases on August 27th of 2020.

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