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Thank you for taking the time to contact our office. You can call the phone number listed below to talk to one of our highly trained hearing care professionals or take a few seconds to fill out this simple form below and we will get in touch with you.

  • Office Hours: Mon – Thurs, 9 – 5 and Fri, 9 – 4
  • TLC Walk-in Hours: Mon – Thurs, 11 – Noon and 2 – 3

In order to continue our commitment to provide the best customer service possible, we have two convenient TLC walk-in times from Mon – Thurs. This service which is unique in the state of MT is available as a privilege for those who have active service plans with us. If you need service but cannot come at this time please call for an appointment. It’s important to remember that this special walk –in service is available only for hearing aids that need to be cleaned or checked. If you need a program change or a hearing test, please schedule an appointment.


Fill out the form below to request an appointment, or call us at (406) 451-0895