Client Testimonials

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I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the excellent care that I have received from Helton Hearing.  Experiencing an unexpected hearing loss was difficult, and Dr. Helton met my needs with kindness and sympathy.  The Widex EVOKE hearing device with which I was fit has been a life changer.  I live an active life and my small, custom hearing instrument keeps up with me.  The second it was in my ear, I fell in love with the crispness of the sound quality.  I wear it even in the gym, where I can once again work out in a noisy environment with confidence that I am not missing my coach’s instructions.  I also work in a challenging hearing environment, where the background noise can go from zero to loud in seconds.  I am no longer struggling to hear at work, even when many of our patients speak indistinctly.  Dr. Helton and his wonderful staff worked hard to help me find the perfect hearing aid for both my hearing loss and my lifestyle.  I am blessed to have such wonderful support. April M., Livingston, MT

I would like to take this opportunity (privilege) to express my appreciation to both Dr. Will Helton and the Helton Hearing Care staff. Starting from my first office visit, their gracious and professional attention far exceeded my expectations. I had just returned to the United States after having lived in Asia for several years and was experiencing significant and diminishing hearing ability. A thorough auditory exam and analysis followed by a gracious and caring solution left me personally encouraged. I have benefited greatly in my daily life as a result.
Larry P., Manhattan, MT

Dr. Helton, Just a note of appreciation. A few years ago when I missed much of what my grandchildren were saying I went to a hearing aid distributor. The “fitted” hearing aids were uncomfortable and mostly worthless. I did not wear them for the first couple of years because of the discomfort and lack of aid in hearing.
When we came to the Bozeman area to work for a few months this fall I was missing too much of too many conversations. I asked a local lady who has found answers to all my questions where to go for hearing aids. She said she would find out. A few days later she called and informed me that she was waiting on one more phone inquiry but so far the answers had been almost unanimous – Helton Hearing Care. The care givers of the local retirement home said residents “just love Dr. Helton”.
I have found out why!!! The hearing exam was actually that. It was truly a thorough exam compared with the perfunctory one of my earlier experience. Dr. Helton was not only thorough but kind, considerate, and truly concerned and caring!!!
Having actual trained, board certified doctors of audiology seems to be an unbelievable improvement over the “big box store cut rate dispenser
Thank you for the excellent natural sounding hearing I am enjoying again. The total care package and follow-up are real blessing.
Bill V., Manhattan, MT

After 20 plus years of wearing hearing aids and investing thousands of dollars in at least 5 different instruments, I still could not hear! Sound familiar? Volume was not an issue, but speech was! As a last resort, after someone suggested to me that I may be a candidate for cochlear implant, I initiated a search on the internet! I discovered that Helton Hearing was only a little over 100 miles away, and decided to give them a try. When I contacted the office, the staff asked specific questions about my current condition and hearing aids. I realized that this was not going to be “business as usual.
Through the professional expertise of Dr. Helton I was fitted with new hearing aids appropriate to my hearing loss. He quickly diagnosed my problems and knew the correct instrument for my hearing loss! He was generous with his time and I never felt that he was in a hurry! Thanks to Dr. Helton and his wonderful staff, I have a new connected life. One filled with sounds and friends and conversation and laughter. The professional expertise, kindness and genuine caring of Dr. Helton and his staff are so very helpful in restoring my hearing.
Rev. Jane S., Dillon, MT

10 years ago, I began to experience hearing loss in one ear. After 5 years, it progressed to the point of interfering with my life. I sought help at a different office and was fitted with a single hearing instrument. It never really helped much. After another 4 years, I had pretty much given up. I thought hearing instruments would only make the unintelligible sounds louder.
Unfortunately, my other ear also began to experience significantly decreased hearing. My coping mechanisms began to fail me. I quit going to gatherings of people, ordinary conversations became quite difficult.
I had seen Dr. Heltons’ ads. He impressed me as a competent professional, not as a hearing aid salesman. With no real hope of improvement, I made an appointment. I thought I’d give Helton Hearing Care a try. At lease, I could tell my family and myself that I’d made the effort.
From my first contact with the professionals at Helton Hearing Care, I found the staff friendly, welcoming and sincerely concerned about my problem. Dr. Helton was warm, extremely knowledgeable and had all the time in the world for my questions. It was apparent that he was dedicated to improving my hearing and thus my life, both personal and professional. He fitted me with remarkable hearing instruments. These were light years ahead of what I had tried before. I could hear so much better from the very start. My hearing and comprehension continues to improve as my brain adjusts to my new/old world of hearing.
Dr. Helton and staff have made a very significant difference in my life. Best of all, it has only just begun.
As a physician, I’ve worked with many doctors. Dr. Helton ranks right up there with the best.
Thanks Will, you have my admiration and gratitude.
Dr. James H., MD., Big Sky, MT

I’m alive again – The world with all it’s wonderful noise is back.
My new hearing aids have given me a new lease on life.
Dr. Helton, Dr. of Audiology, Helton Hearing Care, made this all possible. The service I received was awesome. He and his staff have been so kind and wonderful. I can’t thank them enough. I can hear again and talk to all my friends and family. What a blessing! Life is great!
Lillian Y., Bozeman, MT

To make the most of the limited hearing I have, I want experts readily available for me with the knowledge, experience, and empathy to help find the best custom fit for me … best amplification, clarity and comfort. The Helton Hearing Care staff have earned this trust.
I am very satisfied customer (with 40 year experience wearing aids!)
JLA, Bozeman, MT

I am a client of Helton Hearing Care. I have received care from a team of trained, experienced and caring professionals. My hearing loss was evaluated and is being treated by a “Doctor of Audiology” and not just another hearing aid salesperson. The treatment is much more than just purchasing hearing aids, it is fitted to your individual needs. I recommend Helton Hearing Care to anyone that questions their hearing ability.
Joe, Bozeman, MT

My very first contact with Helton Hearing Care was comforting and very accommodating. Right away I felt that the staff was caring and kind. After my appointment with Dr. Helton, I was convinced that the staff at Helton Hearing Care was a special group of people who sincerely cared about their clients’ needs and concerns.
Rita S., Bozeman, MT

Recently, I purchased new hearing aids from Helton Hearing Care. I received exceptionally professional care, beginning with the office personal and continuing to Dr. Helton. My needs were addressed in a most adequate and expeditious manner. I was particularly satisfied with the care and personal attention I was shown, and the hearing aids themselves have proven most satisfactory. Helton Hearing Care receives my highest recommendation.
Richard H., Bozeman, MT

The first time I met Dr. Helton, he observed my hearing aid situation and told me that Hearing Aid Technology had greatly improved since my aids were made; he was sure my hearing ability could be improved. He tested my hearing and verified his assumptions. He fitted me for new hearing aids that would make the best use of the hearing I had left. Dr. Helton is very caring person. He has followed through to see that they work for me.
My new hearing aids have improved my hearing greatly. I now hear TV programs much better at lower volumes. For the first time in years I can hear well in meeting situations.
Vergil L., Ennis, MT

I am a client of Dr. Will Helton. I went to see him a month ago for a check-up. I was having difficulty hearing. Dr. Helton spoke to me about different options which were very helpful. After making my decision, Dr. Will made molds that very same day! They were ready to pick up in just two weeks!
They fit well and with a little adjustment I was happy to hear well again. In another two weeks, I will go in for another adjustment, I expect I will be completely happy with the outcome.
Dr. Will and his staff have been quite helpful and they are extremely friendly and accommodating. I am pleased with my new hearing aids including the wonderful benefits that go along with the purchase of my new hearing aids!
Lucille G., Bozeman, MT

The most important reason I chose Helton Hearing Care was – Dr. Helton is a doctor and knows about ears and hearing. He is not a salesman. His staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. My hearing aids fit and do what I need for my hearing loss.
Beverly J., Bozeman, MT

I didn’t think I could afford hearing instruments, but if I had known how well I would hear… I would have paid more.
A.M., Ennis, MT

My husband and my son were telling me to do something about my hearing. When I finally did, I couldn’t believe the difference and should have done this sooner.
Barb F., Bozeman, MT

Helton Hearing Care – I’ll add two words – THE BEST
Try them and HEAR for yourself
M.H.M, Belgrade, MT

After 77 years my hearing loss is asymmetric and tricky to correct. Helton has stuck with me through many experiments and adjustments and, I’m happy to say, my hearing devices are working for me in a remarkable way. There are plenty of outfits who will sell you hearing devices but if you want the best hearing improvement that can be accomplished, and truly your money’s worth, work with Will Helton and his colleagues. They remain available to give you help and service long after the fly-by-nights have left town.
Loren Acton, Bozeman, MT

No other hearing place compares with Helton Hearing Care and I have been in many in the state over the last forty years!!
Like a miracle to be able to hear at a table eating and hear other people speak plainly.
M.M, Belgrade, MT

For years, I struggled with hearing aids. They didn’t fit and whistled so bad it was hard on my nerves. I saw the Helton Hearing ad on TV and decided to try them. I am amazed with the performance of the new aids. They fit fine and there is no noise. I am very grateful to Dr. Helton and his great staff. I am treated like family there.
Darlene, Bozeman, MT

I wanted to share the news with Helton Hearing Care that I got a job as an experienced person at the Belgrade Library. Thanks for going out on a limb for so many. My life has changed since I have got my hearing aids. My 5 year old grandson was at my house playing and told me “Grandma, you hear so much better now.” It made my heart grow bigger.
C.M.S., Belgrade, MT

I often recommend Helton Hearing to others. Thank you for very fine service. Love those walk-in hours.
Zelpha B., Bozeman, MT

I could not have imagined an easier transition into the “hearing” world. I was very nervous and emotional the day I received my hearing aids for the first time. Everyone at the office and Dr. Helton were very supportive and understanding. What amazing people! Having my hearing aids have really changed my life for the better. My work has improved and my favorite was hearing my cat purr for the first time or hearing the rain while inside the house. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Kim, Big Sky, MT

From past experience I saw how our children reacted to a grandfather that a very bad hearing loss. I didn’t want that to happen to our grandchildren and when told I was not hearing them I knew something needed to be done. I went to Helton Hearing Care for resolution and found a very caring and compassionate group of people that were most willing to help me.
Larry C., Bozeman, MT

I think you should know that every day I quietly thank you and bless you for giving me such better hearing than I have had before. My friends and family would like to thank you also as they do not need to repeat themselves nearly as much. Not only am I grateful for your finding me the correct equipment but also for your excellent service.
All of you people at Helton Hearing Care have been exceptional and personable.
Bob, MT

Thanks all of you. My new hearing aids are working wonderfully and far exceed what I previously had. The phone and TV interface really helps to improve my life. Furthermore, you provided the best service I have ever received in any doctor’s office ever.
The interaction between Dr. Helton and the staff is seamless. The sincerity, interest, and effort that you have put in; coordinating with the Veterans Administration and the hearing aid supplier is outstanding. Helping me acquire new and extremely better hearing aids.
I am a veteran and Helton Hearing Care has the VA contract in the area. This level of service has to be recognized as unique and extraordinary.
Thusly, this letter expressing my appreciation.
Charles H.A., Sun City, AZ

My story starts about 20 years ago when I first discovered a ringing in my ears, accompanied by some itching. I didn’t know I had a hearing loss or not, although my family was quite sure I did. I don’t know why I waited so long, but I eventually got tired of saying “Huh?” I guess that is what caused me to take the first step and call Helton Hearing Care.
I was very impressed with the testing and the informative consult with Dr. Helton following the examination. In fact, the whole crew is top notch, very friendly and welcoming. When I had questions, they promptly answered them without making me feel ignorant or pesty.
I am now wearing open-fit instruments, which have made a world of difference in my life. I never knew how much I was missing. I have more energy now, which has pleased my family. I know people who have purchased elsewhere and who have not achieved the same level of success as myself. How do I know? They still say, “Huh”, constantly. I have to shout to communicate with them
JB, Three Forks, MT

I have had hearing issues for over 12 years and believe I have finally found a quality hearing aid that will improve my quality of life. The professionals and staff at Helton Hearing Care provided the services and information I needed to make an educated and informed decision about what hearing aid would best suit my needs. Buying a hearing aid is a fairly major investment, and I appreciate the on-going support and customer service I will received from Helton Hearing Care to make sure my aids provide the best hearing experience possible.
Susan B., Bozeman, MT

To anyone who has any kind of hearing problems, I would highly suggest Helton Hearing Care! The staff is most caring and takes the time to figure out the best route to the problem that you have the problem with, and treats you with the utmost respect. I cannot speak highly enough for Helton Hearing!
Rick H., Ennis, MT

Hearing aids are a significant investment, especially for an elderly person on limited funds. Dr. Helton was the only Dr. who offered choices in hearing devices and their price range. After purchasing my first hearing aids three years ago, I decided to upgrade with new technology. Dr. Helton’s testing, unhurried time and explanation helped me in my decision. This was my gift to myself for my 93rd birthday.
Betty, Butte, MT

I have worn hearing instruments for 7 years, and have upgraded my devices several times.  All of those have improved my hearing, but this last change to new devices has been the most significant improvement that I have experienced.  It is difficult to fully describe how much more clarity I experience in every listening situation, but especially in group and social settings.  They are a real game changer for me, and the folks at Helton Hearing have been so good at carefully listening to my needs and personalizing my devices to my own hearing preferences.  I am grateful to be in such professional hands.
Richard, Gallatin Gateway, MT

Helton Hearing Care was a pleasant surprise as a person that has hearing difficulties from childhood. The technology has finally evolved to help my hearing difficulties. Having no idea of the complexity of working on a hearing disorder the entire staff has been extremely helpful and respectful of my lack of knowledge in this field and has shown to be very helpful after the initial purchase. Now having a better understanding of how my personality has evolved from the lack of hearing it is very enjoyable not to have to dominate a conversation to stay on topic. I do like other view points and opinions and now can hear them. Thank you Helton Hearing Care. C. Nash, Norris, MT

I am so happy that I discovered Dr. Will and his excellent staff. The products I received from them are so much better than the other hearing aids I had before.  Dr. Will is very knowledgeable and very patient audiologist. I appreciate his experience and good humor. His staff people are very caring and considerate of each person they serve. Helton Hearing is the best place for superior products and top notch services in Bozeman.R. Davis, Bozeman, MT 

Recently I needed to update my hearing devices as I have been with Helton Hearing for 6 years, I put my trust in the “the staff” again. I am not disappointed as my new devices are beyond my expectations.

I was told “new technology.” Yes! It’s true!

  1. Hearing aids connect to my iPad tablet allowing me to hear voices and music as never before.
  2. I can adapt the sound coming to me in five different ways; myself!
  3. The fit is better than ever.
  4. The music on iPad or TV is beyond belief and can be changed to enhance the variance in tone and pitch. I truly feel that I am getting the correct sound.

I am forever pleased with the care the audiologists and support staff at Helton have given to me and my hearing needs.D. Bond, Sheridan, MT

I want to thank you very much. I received the requested order for two containers of audio Swipes. Due to the virus, I am in the high risk category and am unable to do much outside activity. Last week I called and spoke with Jill. She filled the request for Audio Swipes and the the package was deliver yesterday (3/23). Jill did a very commendable job in understanding my request and filling the order promptly. I am most appreciative for the job she did. Jill is an outstanding representative of Helton. Needless to say, Helton also is a First Class business as well.K. Walter, Morristown, NJ

Recently, my increased hearing loss forced me to seek help. I consulted with Helton Hearing Care of Bozeman.  Dr. Will Helton reviewed my hearing tests, and recommended a trial of hearing aids.  After a couple of personal fitting appointments, we arrived at a pair of hearing instruments that are both comfortable, and enable me to enjoy conversation with my family and friends again.  The professional skill and care I received from Dr. Helton and his staff at Helton Hearing Care have truly been outstanding.  They have my highest recommendation. Fred F. Bahnson MD, FACSEar, Nose and Throat Physician, retired

My hearing aids were eating batteries. Had never been to Helton Hearing Care, but called and told them my problem. They saw me the next day and sent them to Starkey for reset that afternoon. A week later they were back and are no longer eating batteries.
The personnel are extremely caring and professional. I highly recommend Helton for your hearing needs.
Fairy OFairy O., Bozeman, MT