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gee helton practice manager

Gee Helton, M.S.

Co-owner and Practice Development Manager

Meet Gee Helton, M.S.

Gee and her husband, Dr. Will Helton, purchased Micken Hearing Services from Drs. Lee and Darrell Micken at the end of 2009. Gee was a scholar student from Thailand. She earned her Master’s degree in Economics from the University of North Texas. She and Dr. Helton enjoy working together. While Gee worked as a Policy and Planning Analyst for the Ministry of Education in Thailand, she and Dr. Helton also worked together as educators helping to improve the Thai educational system via various government projects and international organizations such as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for 6 years.

After relocating back to the U.S., she worked in a corporate setting as a Business Intelligence Analyst and later for a leading interactive agency as a Web Analyst. Gee decided to switch her career to be part of Helton Hearing Care, so she and Dr. Helton could team up and create something special together. Gee’s goal for Helton Hearing Care is, “We would like Helton Hearing Care to be a welcoming place that provides excellent client care and makes a difference in the live of our clients.”

Gee enjoys spending time with Dr. Helton and their dogs. She also likes cooking, blogging and social-networking with her Thai friends. One thing on her would-like-to-do list is to learn how to ski.